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Helping to serve your community, Chris Evans MP Help Shape Britains Progressive Future

In Parliament

Chris Evans MPSince being in Parliament, I have taken part in numerous Commons debates and asked several oral and written parliamentary questions. Copies of all the speeches and questions I have made since becoming a Member of Parliament can be found here.

Committees and All Party Parliamentary Groups

Even though speaking in the House of Commons is high profile, much of Parliament’s work is done in Committees and it is during Committees that close scrutiny of the Government’s activities and legislation can take place.

There is a Commons Select Committee for each government department. I previously sat on the Justice Select Committee and the Environmental Audit Committee. In addition I have served on a large selection of Bill Committees which provide detailed scrutiny of legislation before it passes into law. The Bill Committees I have served on cover policy areas as diverse as social responsibility, childcare, pensions and financial services.

Away from the formal activities of Parliament I serve on many All Party Parliamentary Groups; bipartisan bodies which allow MPs from all parties to meet and discuss issues which affect our constituents. In particular I am Chair of the All Party Group on Down’s Syndrome and Secretary of the All Party Group on Motor Neurone Disease.

Labour’s Shadow Treasury Team

In October 2013, after a year on Labour’s Shadow Environment Team, I joined Labour’s Shadow Treasury Team as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Chris Leslie MP.

Since my election to Parliament in May 2010 I have spoken several times in the House of Commons about the government’s failed economic policy and the impact of falling living standards on households in Islwyn.

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