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13th July 2016 - Islwyn MP demands funding for Welsh renewable energy projects

Islwyn MP slams service family accommodation providers


The MP for Islwyn, Chris Evans, has used an opportunity during Welsh Questions today to demand the government provide a ‘cast-iron’ guarantee that renewable energy projects in Wales will be funded by the UK Government once the UK has left the European Union.

Wales was expecting to receive £1.8bn in European Union funding between 2014 and 2020 but now that the UK is on course to leave, the future of this funding is in doubt. EU funds have already been used in Wales to support projects including those which protect and improve the environment.

Responding to the question, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales Guto Bebb MP said: ‘The tidal lagoon is being considered in its complexity and I am aware of no EU funding which was committed to the Tidal Lagoon and therefore I can offer no guarantees.’

Mr Evans said: ‘Now that the UK – and Wales included – has voted to leave the European Union, the funding we receive from the EU which could go towards large scale renewable energy projects such as the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is under threat.

‘The government must do everything it can to ensure that Wales is not excluded from these kinds of opportunities as a result of leaving the EU. Much was said during the referendum campaign about all the extra money we would have to spend rather than send it to Brussels, but we need to see it here in Wales.

‘I am very disappointed that the Minister was unwilling to provide a cast iron guarantee that Wales will continue to receive funding for renewable energy projects.’


AS Islwyn yn galw am ariannu prosiectau egni adnewyddadwy Cymraeg

Mae’r AS Islwyn, Chris Evans, wedi defnyddio cyfle yn ystod Cwestiynau Cymraeg heddiw i alw ar y Llywodraeth i ddarparu gwarrant “haearn-bwrw” bydd prosiectau egni adnewyddadwy yng Nghymru yn cael eu hariannu gan Lywodraeth y DU ar ôl i’r DU gadael yr Undeb Ewropeaidd. 

Disgwylir i Gymru dderbyn £1.8biliwn o arian gan yr Undeb Ewropeaidd rhwng 2014 a 2020 ond gan fod y DU nawr ar fin gadael y Ewrop, mae dyfodol y cyllid yn ansicr. Defnyddir cyllid yr Undeb Ewropeaidd yng Nghymru yn barod i gefnogi nifer o brosiectau gan gynnwys rhai sydd yn amddiffyn a gwella'r amgylchfyd. 

Wrth ymateb i’r cwestiwn, dywedwyd y Tan-Ysgrifennydd Seneddol Gwladol am Gymru Guto Bebb AS “Ystyrir y Morlyn Llanw yn ei gymhlethdod ac nid wyf yn wybodus o unrhyw arian o gyllid yr Undeb Ewropeaidd wedi’i ymrwymo i’r Morlyn Llanw ac felly nid wyf yn gallu cynnig unrhyw sicrwydd.”

Dywed Mr Evans: “Nawr fod y DU – gan gynnwys Cymru – wedi pleidleisio i adael yr Undeb Ewropeaidd, mae’r cyllid a dderbyniwn o’r UE gall fynd tuag at brosiectau egni adnewyddadwy ar raddfa fawr, fel Morlyn Llanw Bae Abertawe, nawr dan fygythiad.

“Rhaid i’r Llywodraeth gwneud popeth yn eu pŵer i sicrhau nad yw Cymru wedi eu heithrio o’r fath yma o gyfleoedd fel canlyniad o adael yr UE. Dywedwyd llawer yn ystod yr ymgyrch refferendwm am yr arian ychwanegol bydd ganddym yn hytrach na ddanfon i Frwsel, ond rhaid i ni weld yr arian yma yng Nghymru.

“Rwy’n siomedig iawn fod y Gweinidog yn amharod i wneud gwarrant haearn-bwrw bydd Cymru dal i dderbyn cyllid i wario ar brosiectau egni adnewyddadwy.”


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